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Vans China for this winter brought a "contempt of winter" projects, including clothing and shoes, as Mountain Edition the series of products, most of them are the main functional characteristics, and whether it is warm or waterproof, is a masterpiece! Not only that, the more the trend and street style. In order to be more true in the show "contempt of winter" in the world, Vans invited to the 9 in the very way of life and the influence of extreme sports photographer, with "Weather Any Weather" as the theme, launched this project.

As previously reported
notice "Vans selected 9 photographers for 2016 MTE series of mountaineering outdoor shooting" shown in the Vans to Chad Chomlack, Chad? Huff, Charles Lanceplaine, James North, Jay Meador, Jeff Han, Matt Georges, Nolan Hall and Pete Williams nine was selected by the photographer provides Vans MTE series of clothing and shoes, but they are only allowed to use a mobile phone to shoot. From Seoul to South Korea, the United States of Alaska, they took a lot of photos.

activity in Asia when the Vans occupation slip of the hand Wang Huifeng, and graffiti artist illustrator Rock Lee and South Korea "The Leaf" Quiet Skateboard Magazine editor Jin Yob Kim also joined the team. The photographer had our skateboard Godfather Jeff Han Han Minjie for having heard it many times before, he has the brand of FLY and Vans joint cooperation "Shanghai classic" Sk8-Hi Reissue cream small shoes.

team arrived at the location of pedestrians, have to walk with the wind hand a skateboard, not only is the standard, but also must be everywhere graffiti wall gave Rock Lee a lot of inspiration of course is to be prepared before the graffiti painting is wearing a thick coat? "Contempt of winter" will not freeze to the tremor! Sk8-Hi MTE can provide
grip and strong stability in the wet ground

suddenly a graffiti on the coming

team buddies sitting on the roadside to take a rest, it is time to capture a bo

Original Fake released the March new content, generally or to cold coat, in addition to the familiar Gore-Tax coat, hat clip teeth and plaid shirt, and two pieces of knitted coat, all black to hardcore simple sense, but black and white is the combination of temperament and leisure style. In order to respond to the arrival of spring, a Tee is also presented. The image is the Kaws work that has already been exposed.
download (47.19, KB)2009-3-7 Original Fake'09 download (26.68 KB)2009-3-7 Original Fake'09 download (60.34 KB)2009-3-7 Original Fake'09 download (34.26 KB)2009-3-7 Original Fake'09 download (17.8 KB)2009-3-7 Original Fake'09 download (25.15 KB)2009-3-7 Original Fake'09

Japan and Tokyo as a global trend is Adidas Originals OT source, Tech series was born. Adidas Originals Tokyo Fixed Gear design team is moving from the streets of Tokyo has become fashionable for a time of inspiration, combined with outdoor technology style, specifically for the FGer are both functional requirements and style requirements of outstanding demand, launched the OT Tech (Originals by Tokyo) series.

OT Tech series of inspiration; Tokyo street culture; also combines Adidas's long-standing sports culture. A large amount of blue comes from the exclusive logo color of the shamrock brand, while the jagged pattern of patterns on clothing and shoes is the effect of magnifying the local edges of the three stripes logo. This quarter's OT Tech series uses the mask of color, stitching, star patterns and other elements, to bring the Japanese street trend.

another design element comes from the traditional pattern with Japanese characteristics, and designs the camouflage effect. On the other hand, such as waterproof fabric, Velcro, waterproof zipper, folding and folding settings, etc., are all designed to meet the needs of Fixed Gear movement. Practical, consistent with the trend of outdoor style design, coupled with a long history from the brand details, make the OT Tech series became one of the most eye-catching series of Adidas Originals this year.

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