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meets an article "national pride", in the domestic shoes has emerged many good Chinese shoes, of course, other sports brand manufacturers how to easily let China pass so much shoes market? This issue is about "a hundred schools of thought contend", some other sports brand Chinese style basketball shoes story,

Under Armour Curry2.5 Asia Special Edition
in the League last month, Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, two MVP winner Steven Cooley Under Armour also visited the Asian tour, hereby launched its Curry2.5 Asia special edition, Chinese designer Leon Gu cited Chinese classic masterpiece "journey to the west" in the monkey wars erlangshen plot, and the use of Peking Opera forms in the upper and the insole China, there is no wind burst index table.

Under Armour Curry 2.5 1398 direct link , AND1, TaiChi, Mid
AND1 to Chinese ancient "Tai Chi" (line five, a yin and Yang; Yin and Yang, a Tai Chi; Tai Chi is also the non-polar) as the design concept, to create the classic double AND1 TaiChi Mid, and in 2000 the dunk contest, the strongest ground slam dunk king Vince Carter wearing this pair of very Chinese Style Tai Chi "shine, swoop, but also put this pair of AND1 TaiChi Mid held the red night.
? Reebok, Pump, Omni, Hexride,
small giant Yao Ming signed to Reebok NBA login soon after, in the 08 Beijing Olympics, Reebok introduced the Pump Omni Hexride Olympic Edition for his shoes, with the red and gold, a dragon through the shoes side shoes, boots with red background, with gold embroidery, no place demonstrate China style, at the time of the national edition 2008 pairs, and Reebok will also be 5 pairs of special digital (1, 11,13,882008) for auction, the proceeds of all investment fund Yao Ming, raise money for the reconstruction of disaster areas.

Yao Ming wore their own design ATR Elite KFS Chinese wind basketball shoes in the 07-08 season all star game, the shoe body using laser to fly out of a smart black dragon, as a descendant of the dragon, Yao Ming is the best basketball shoes Chinese wind endorsement.

to 80s classic American drama "Dynasty" to get inspiration, Naked teamed up with Reebok bring Instapump Fury joint color match.

two pairs of shoes produce strong tones, in stark contrast to highlight the feminine uniqueness of the nobility.

black caviar uppers, white animal fur texture, with filling, or not?
Three sisters in Estonia

new net Rio De Janeiro 2 August, Rio Olympic although not yet opened, but a group of "grassroots stars" did not match before the first heat, becoming Rio Olympic new "net red".

became the first team to fight for peace
local time on July 29th, the history of the Olympic Games the first refugee team arrived in rio.
refugee team is made up of 10 refugees from southern Sultan, Syria, Congo (Jin) and Ethiopia. They look forward to taking more attention to refugee problems with their participation, transmitting peace through action and preventing war.

this non national team will take part in events such as track and field, swimming and judo. At the opening ceremony, they will raise the Olympic five ring flag, before the host of the Brazil delegation, the second countdown appearances.

refugee delegate swimmer rami · Anis (Rami Anis) show confidence before the media lens. China new network reporter Yu Ruidong

triplets sisters play marathon legend
The Olympic Games of the
brothers and sisters have triplets sister but is It is often seen., spend a great spectacle with field athletics is the Rio Olympics from Estonia Lu Zach sisters will also appear in the women's marathon game, the Olympic Games in Rio has thus become the first to have triplets with a project of the Olympic games.
The strength of
Ruick sisters is still difficult to compete for medals, but it encourages more women in Estonia to participate in running activities to become the most important purpose of their Rio trip.

mother and child file renew family gun edge

, who won the women's 25 m pistol championship in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, Salou Cova Ze, a Georgian player, has attracted the attention of a shooting star. Today, Salou Cova Ze is the Olympic eight veterans, but this is popular with the sons of light -- and his 18 year old son Budweiser SA Luke waze, the history of the Olympic Games with a game the first pair players.

Salou Cova Ze's father is not only a good gunner, but also an outstanding coach. Salou Cova Ze and his superb skills are from the 85 year old old man, just because he has come to the advanced in age, the inconvenience of rio.

same-sex couples staged a "farewell"

, according to the Spanish "world newspaper", British women's hockey team players Kate and Helen will become the first pair of homosexual couples in the history of the Olympic Games.

reports that two of them met from a teenager and started dating during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. They announced they got married when they won the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

, as 35 year old Helen has announced that it will retire in the near future, so the Rio's trip will be their last time together.

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