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[global shoes Network - new shoes tasting] whenever you see Jack Purcells appear, the resistance to it is zero, every summer, will go to CONVERSE store crazy buying. And this "Oxford" Jack Purcells is to make my eyes bright. Feet with different colors to explain the shoes, and selected from Oxford cloth produced, full of summer flavor.

but for the Jack Purcells series, the color and the material is second, what really appeals to me is an interesting story behind it, with each pair of Jack Purcells Logo on the tongue, represents what you don't know that the two black triangle, is in fact a figure for the men's lips the beard, did not think 70 years ago was so "Cute", the interesting design into the shoes. Jack and Purcells are called open smile, because the special design of the curved Smile front toe. But you do not think it is just a decoration, which was designed to make the shoes more resistant, because the Jack Purcells is the earliest tennis shoes to appear in front of the world, the biggest difference with other CONVERSE shoes is a layer of rubber toe before the material to prolong the life of shoes.

now, Jack Purcells has become an essential item for many fashion people, and this "Oxford" Jack Purcells is very suitable for wearing in summer, go ahead, it has been on shelves. (Global shoes Network - the most authoritative Chinese shoe net Muzi editor)
CONVERSE spring summer new style "Oxford" Jack Purcells in 2011

Run group logo

run group name

Huaian healthy running group

set up time


member size

1400 people

active area

Huaian, Huaian, Jiangsu

run group slogan

every day I live for an hour and live a happy life for a lifetime. I exercise my health and I am happy

running group introduces

Huaian health group to run than run than insist, do not fight speed spell dream oriented, adhere to a healthy, happy, harmonious, inclusive culture through voluntary running, walking running to share experiences, exchange of experience, mutual encouragement, mutual promotion, mutual friendship and share happiness.

main event
Sihong Marathon
Marathon: Nanjing marathon, Hefei marathon, Hangzhou marathon, Hongze marathon, Sihong Marathon: Beijing online marathon, Dunhuang line marathon, Shanghai online marathon. Each point is organized a small group run every week.

running group influence
reference Wyatt laps public number (the propaganda group ran the activities recently added): run, run group: the group found to run than than insist, using speed and dream!

*A, the number of activities under the line, the number of activities, the way of activity, and so on;

*B, online influence, such as self media operation, micro-blog 510 fans, WeChat fans, network platform,;

report case

1 and the highest ratings of Huaian TV show have reported running in August 1, 2015 and September 20th to meet the coming of the National Fitness Day, "running away without fear of high temperature" and Beijing online marathon running.

2 and the Huaian daily published a picture news report in August 8th to meet the arrival of the National Fitness Day.

3 and the Huaihai Evening News reported and distributed pictures of the Beijing marathon on September 23rd.

in the future
will make running group into a running organization with cohesive force, influence and centripetal force, and become the beneficiary, advocate, disseminator and practitioner of Huaian healthy running athletes, and finally make jogging become a way of healthy life for citizens.

running regiment

participated in the Sina run group selection:

2015 run the annual event of China's annual event for a thermal attack on the running regiment and so on, you sign up for

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