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2012-3-1 08:38 upload and download the attachment (234.95 KB) recent veterans CONVERSE canvas shoes again to classic shoes Chuck Taylor game, revolutionary canvas uppers replaced by nylon net, breathable performance is greatly improved, with the side of the translucent LOGO partly hidden and partly visible shoes, sports shoes have the general appearance, design ideas the subversion of the traditional, so called Reform series. New products have gray, black, three colors for selection, and now go to the CONVERSE official website can be purchased, priced $70 U.S. dollars, this innovative shoes will be expected to become a new season of hot demand, there is a friend like to start as soon as possible!

CONVERSE had previously announced "super Mario brothers" to celebrate the birth of 25th anniversary, Nintendo will jointly launch a theme of canvas shoes, then we are fortunate to see the CONVERSE version of super Mario canvas shoes, but that's just the concept models only, we want to show you today is authorized by the Nintendo work more sophisticated CONVERSE canvas shoes.

details from a variety of shoes, canvas shoes, super Marie is more out of the ordinary, whether it is the tongue of the super Marie logo, or NES classic shoe inside the hidden picture, even on the box pattern, are very sweet.

canvas shoes which is a classic ChuckTaylorHi high style, divided into black and white, the upper is various action NES version of Mario's image, CONVERSE at the upper five-star symbol has become a game in the yellow star, but also the game LOGO in tongue, this theme canvas the shoes will be listed in the summer of July scheduled. The other one is named after Mario Bowser's Bowser's castle Castle will be on sale in August, but only in japan.
Handsome Zhu Hongjia.

to read "Huanzhugege" people, "Xiao sword zoujianghu" Knight Xiaojian probably in thousands of girls, men of god". Actor Zhu Hongjia is Sichuan Nanchong people, he saw in the circle of friends in 2016 will usher in the Chengdu marathon in the best of spirits left message, told reporters: "I love sports very much is a person, if the filming schedule does not conflict, I want to go home town 10 km marathon," WEERMA "should not the problem."
the brother of the little swallow.
day before, Zhu Hongjia at home reading a script. The two war dramas put out the olive branch at the same time, and he was choosing the most suitable role for him. He received an interview with the Huaxi metropolitan newspaper reporter on the phone to share the fun behind running.

Zhu Hongjia is a good athlete in the student era. At that time, his physical fitness played a good foundation for him to play the role of chivalrous and hero. In high school, he is good at 100m hurdles, go by like the wind on the runway. Just went to university, he is not only the main force of the school basketball team, but also in the 8 games held jointly by the art schools in Beijing, winning the three level jumping champion for three years.

in recent years, often in shooting war dramas, the difficult conditions is self-evident, he still insist on physical exercise, with young actors running, playing basketball, severe winter is no exception. Once in Hunan, he was playing with the small actors, playing basketball at the local middle school and playing games with the teachers and students in the school. When the TV play was killed, he left the basketball to the students. Prior to departure, the teacher sent a long WeChat, feeling know the actor friend sun in motion.

look at Zhu Hongjia micro-blog, not filming, he often play badminton, jogging and other fitness to upload pictures, on the "stick perspiration comes down like raindrops". It's very hard to toss a lot of play. Why is he so keen to exercise? Zhu Hongjia smiled and said: "filming is hard work, sometimes from the early to late shot, if tired, mental state is not good. And running is one of the ways to keep your body and vitality, not only to make it young, but also to have a young mentality and to cope with the pressure. He asked how serious runners, brokers said: "he is almost time to run, even filming in the valley, he can always find the right running route, running in the morning or night running an hour."

in 2014, Zhu Hongjia traveled to Dujiangyan and ran a distance on the spacious and flat road. He praised the "fresh air and a good environment" here, looking forward to a good adjustment and return to the marathon first show. Talking about the expectations of the game, he responded frankly: "never had a marathon before, this time it was just a matter of participation." I normally run 10 kilometers without a problem. If I am ready to run half a horse, I will start to adjust and gradually increase the amount of exercise a few months in advance. "

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