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Converse City, Carnage, skateboarding, city of Shanghai, China finals and Asian finals
Converse City Carnage will hit the city skateboards two day grand skateboard contest on June 16, 2012 -17 days held in Shanghai, assembled from China and other four Asian top skater, for up to 150 thousand yuan, the total prize money and honor the best Asian skaters, set off a skateboard and Music Carnival feast, not to be missed.

City Carnage is Converse's special Asian competition for skateboarding and music, and its concept is inspired by Converse, the world's largest skateboarding event, Coastal Carnage. The City Carnage China qualifying tournament, held in 16 Chinese cities, is likely to explore China's new cutting edge, while the winners of the city will compete for the China championship in June 16th. After the June 17th Asian finals, from more than 30 China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hongkong and other countries and regions China top skaters, will battle competition, competing for Asian best skaters.

crazy skateboarding game, Converse will be at the scene in DJ BBQ, scene performances, screenings, temporary tattoos, open shop, more daily gifts sent, let all people feel the real Converse brings a unique spiritual experience and street skateboarding.

, Converse, City, Carnage, skateboarding, city,

June 16th at 1 p.m. -8

Converse City Carnage skateboarding competition final in China

June 17th at 1 p.m. -8

, Converse, City, Carnage, skateboarding, Asian finals,

address: TOP TOYS skateboard park, 655 deep source road, Shanghai,
, Shenzhen Sports Center, to share:

today's theme is talented, the so-called universe is usually means the division of basketball shoes today, toppled back again, all wearing shoes in the center, a strong striker has to wear a pair of shoes back. Today the top without wearing the wrong shoes, this is called Earl · Clark guy is definitely "penny" fans, the preseason was through Air Foamposite One play, again today wearing another color of the Air Foamposite One NBA play, which in general is not willing to wear this pair of shoes in the game, because under such fierce competition and high strength against Foamposite material is easy to influence the movement of athletes, but also play a double Zoom Air also is not conducive to start action. , 2012-2-1, 02:18 upload, download attachments (146.32, KB), , , Earl, ·, Clark, once considered a superstar's potential, 6 feet 8 inches tall, but with the guard's skill, height, arm length, he was regarded as the magician's successor. Although came to Orlando, but Clark did not become a magician, but became a sideshow, but he is still young, still have a chance. Today, Clark doesn't have much chance. Air Foamposite One doesn't have much chance to show up, but as a Sneaker, we really want to put on the thumb of "AirFoamposite One" on the NBA. , 2012-2-1, 02:18 upload, download attachments (208.58, KB), ,
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In 2015, the major awards for domestic running were officially announced.

March 5th, 2015 Mengniu ran the Chinese sina sports event at the Beijing National Conference Center. In 2015, the most popular running shoes, running clothes, running intelligent devices and running APP in China were the most popular running marathons, half marathons, thematic running events and ten top runners. 11 awards were officially announced. The ceremony, from across the country hundreds of runs of mission, runners, representative brands and industry representatives gathered to celebrate the annual running event. Mr. Wei Jianglei, senior vice president of sina, general manager of sina sports, Mr. Shi Chunjian, track and field sports management center, Mr. Song Jidong, general manager of Mengniu's room temperature category system attended the event. Liu Liyang, Sha Baoliang, an entertainment star runner, also came to celebrate. Mr. Wei Jianglei, senior vice president of
Sina and general manager of sina sports, delivered a speech.
annual awards are spent on

in the afternoon, running the climax part of festival awards ceremony was held in the main conference hall, after 3 hours of awards, 2015 annual awards of running major awards officially released: the year's most popular brand shoes and apparel brands, Pao Buzhi and APP are running equipment Arthur, Nike Jia Ming, and Wyatt laps, get the most want to run a full marathon, half marathon and road race events are the theme of the Beijing marathon, Yangzhou International Half Marathon, Lining 10 km road race League, the national top ten run group winners are monster run group, Tiantan, Fuzhou's music ran Yan value run, run, light music group of Guangzhou Pearl River run group, Hangzhou Ma, mammoth aspect, Jin ran group, Shiyan group, cool running run Nap-of-the-Earth run group, organizing committee special prize awarded the He Yajun settled. Zheng Dan's annual running sensation award has been awarded to Liu Liyang, Jiang Chao, Sha Baoliang and Du Haitao for the annual star runner award. He has been awarded the annual running opinion leader award of Chen Penbin, Mao Daqing, Tian Tongsheng and Du Haitao.
ten best run groups to take the award.
group: Ten run monster run group, Tiantan fun run, Fuzhou Yan Ran group, the value of light music run, Guangzhou Pearl River run group, Hangzhou Ma, mammoth aspect, Jin ran group, Shiyan group, cool running run Nap-of-the-Earth run group
annual award where Zheng Dan Yajun moved to run the annual star leader award Liu Liyang Jiang Chao Sha Baoliang Du Haitao annual running opinion leader award Mao Daqing Tian Tongsheng Yu Jia Bin Chen Basin
senior vice president of sina, sina sports general manager Mr. Wei Jianglei believes that sina sports organizing the contest recognizes outstanding achievements in running industry, promote the development of the industry running, but also provide participation, exchange and sharing platform for the vast number of running and running industry organization. Track and field sports management center, Ms. Shi Chunjian said, sina sports give full play to the Internet portal and digital media platform, through a combination of online and offline, interactive activities not only provides a platform for the majority of runners, also provides communication, display and service "as the running industry organization wide

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