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Running heat boosts the business of Chengdu.
yesterday afternoon, 8 hours after the drive, Wang Chao and several of his small partners arrived in Xichang. Wang Chao claims to be the "vanguard", "the army is coming soon, we 'vanguard' many chores, such as distribution room, led more than 300 people participating equipment and so on, so it must be a day ahead of time to." Wang Chao told the Chengdu newspaper reporter with a smile. Wang Chao, one of the founders of the sports culture development center of the Chengdu running Park, was a senior runner, but at this point, he was more like a tour group.

2014 Xichang Qionghai wetland international marathon will be held tomorrow morning at 8 in Xichang city square fired torch. This is the International Marathon held by China athletics approved for the first time held in Sichuan, plus the "Crazy Horse" atmosphere, a total of more than 1600 Chengdu friends ran to enroll in this competition. Chengdu commercial newspaper reporter found that there were about 1000 of them participating in the group, close to 2/3 of the total number of friends in Chengdu. In order to provide "one dragon" service for the runners in the competition, the head of Wang Chao and other runners started up two months ago.

is the heart of running friends,

group service "one dragon"

"taking into account the International Marathon participants have tens of thousands, accommodation and transportation are very tense, two months ago we made a trip to Xichang to contact the hotel. Then we did a survey in the circle of friends to understand the needs and spending plans.

, "we have two hotels in Xichang, and five bus buses. This time, more than 600 people signed up for the Xichang marathon through the Chengdu running club." This was the second team leader of the Chengdu runaway club, Li Min, who took part in the marathon, the first of this year's Chongqing marathon, with about 150 members at the time.

has the experience of last time. Li Min has prepared two packages of A and B for their running friends, and introduced them in their own words: A packages are economical and efficient, and prepare for war; B package is flexible, comfortable and fun to play in Xichang. In this way, the runfriends who go to the marathon, or the friends who want to travel to Xichang with their family, have a choice. What exactly is there in the set meal? Chengdu commercial newspaper reporters see, not only including the traffic between Chengdu and Xichang and the accommodation between Xichang, but also arranged the "horse celebration banquet" link.
The running clubs spend a lot of time on
to meet the needs of the runners. Wang Chao's running Park Sports Culture Development Center has developed a software, no matter whether it is a member of the running Park, it can be used. "From registration to transportation to accommodation, etc., runners can choose freely according to their needs." Due to a certain scale, the two Chengdu running clubs also made an early cooperation with the Xichang Marathon Organizing Committee, and runners could directly enter them through their entries.

such services, got the hot touted by the Chengdu runners. "Because we go to the marathon is a personal behavior,"

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