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Converse All Star cortex has been its brand of the classic style, in the cold season, Converse will launch a new CT All Star high quality suede suit, polished soft black and gray leather laces, and rubber outsole collocation on the black line. How do you feel?.

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Hello, Jrs everybody, good new year, recently I posted some pioneer seven Time sample pictures at tiger, as well as the use of slow shock at the bottom of the video, attracted the attention of everyone. You must be unfamiliar with pioneer seven, pioneer seven from Fujian, Putian. You must be very familiar with Putian. First of all, what you think of is what it is, and I don't show it. Putian has always been the No.1 of the domestic footwear industry. To OEM brands inside and outside the country, including the well-known Nike ADI UA, Lining, Anta and so on. Once there was a Voight brand swept through a period of time, but also on CCTV advertising. But now it's gone. I left campus slowly realized by basketball to eat is not the reality, start to the family's opinion to the other direction, decided to continue to focus on basketball field after a few months of struggle, even if not playing, can do things related. Such a thought, momentum, snapadoo. Pioneer seven should be born!

The name of
pioneer seven comes from I hope it will become a benchmark in Putian in the future, and seven is my favorite number, so it doesn't have too many ideas and implications. The first product, I will call it "Time", for the product itself want to give it the last second of the lore, or treasure every minute of the field, or remember the basketball accompany you by bit by bit. And what Time means to me is that I've been challenged by others for years, and I'm going to break it.
pioneer seven - breaking the question, I'm the pioneer seven founder: Huang Qingfeng
at the end of last August I in the group of designers announced looking for an experienced designer to design Time. But a lot of chat, found that they only told me how to design, can be more beautiful, but I do not know the function of basketball shoes material, after half a month of waiting, finally met the designer now for Time design. We talked for a lot of days, and I found that he was not only from the soles of the mold to the uppers of materials and use are very professional, his opinion let me have a deeper understanding of basketball shoes. So I will hit it off the Time layout for him to do the design.
The earliest design diagram of
is not like this. After two common discussions, the design map was modified to what you see today. After finalizing the design, I asked a friend to find the sole mould factory, well after a good talk, but things happen, for many large factories on after they have expressed reluctance to brand new OEM development. I got back some lost, pioneer seven would be aborted?
can't end here in Putian, no, I will go home to do most of the sports brand in Quanzhou.
is the first company to find PEAK, and PEAK is the only company in the world to have its own factories. I talked to their general manager about what I had to do, and I didn't think he agreed quickly. Before he left, he said to me: "Qing Feng, pioneer seven, there are many ways to go.". Yes, it is

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