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Converse Japan 2009 Limited Edition shoes, woven totem, color paint, special edition wave and so on, it is rarely sold. The following Converse style shoes are on sale. In January
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PUMA new generation evoPOWER VIGOR 1

sina sports news at the beginning of the new year, the world-renowned sports brand PUMA heavy pound, launched a new upgrade of the new generation POWER series football shoes evoPOWER Vigor 1. The new football shoes have condensed the essence of the POWER series's greatest design. It not only improves the appearance of shoes greatly, but also pushes power and precision to a new height. This revolutionary boots will accompany Olivier · Giroux (Olivier Giroud), Mario · Balotelli (Mario Balotelli) and PUMA POWER star and the new PUMA envoy Peter · Cech (Petr? ECH), Mark · (Marc Bartra); bartra on court.

compared to the previous generation of shoes, evoPOWER Vigor 1 technology level has risen to a new height, opened the shoes of the new era. Vigor 1 is the first use of Spandex sock elastic structure easy stretching of POWER series, such as bring barefoot comfort wearing feeling. Spandex socks and a new generation of PUMA AccuFoam high density and slow rebound sponge technology perfect fusion and attachment of 3D foam like structures new technology. The raised PU foam point design effectively controls the uneven surface of the foot contact with the ball and improves the accuracy of passing and shooting to the maximum extent. The PUMA Adap-Lite upper has a good ductility and allows each foot to flex freely and flexibly at the end of each touch to maximize the explosive power and accuracy of the ball passing and shooting. At the same time, combined with the PUMA technology applied to the vamp, GripTex effectively enhances the grip and control force.

continues the popular classic outsole, evoPOWER Vigor 1, which is the same as the previous shoe type, using a combination of round nails and knife studs. Study on the different mode of action sports power in the support legs and the explosive force of PUMA found that the knife nail can ensure perfect grip and stability, especially for supporting legs; and nails to ensure maximum flexibility. The new design of mixed nail sole ensures the starting force at the same time and accelerates the steering ability greatly.

evoPOWER Vigor 1 using bold style and color to reflect the connotation of POWER, green chameleon main color collocation Puma Logo Black and yellow details are eye-catching safety. The diamond shaped PU yellow spot on the shoe pad can not only enhance the performance of the shoes, but also echo the exquisite figure on the vamp, and the outsole figure is the same as the vamp. Overall appearance, from the side of the shoes PUMA Formstripe logo and evoPOWER logo, to the bottom of the installation > the original black pocket, please contact us (WeChat ID pocketnoir)

on Friday December 30th"
daily" for prey Black Pocket exclusive column

featured 5 pieces for you every day must pay attention to the global fan

young people wear what cheap and nice watch? CASIO is not forced, DW already rotten street, then you might try it ARK Collective.

ARK Collective from Melbourne is a watch brand, used to go to the minimalist style, although it is not a lot of people, but as long as you see it, definitely will love. They watch two words: good!

the nice watch, from its 4 designer. They are not only on the geometry of the structure height of understanding, will also play the essence of different material collocation.
Classic series is preferred by many beautiful colors, equipped with Japanese quartz movement and stainless steel shell, stylish and practical.

recently launched their latest series can replace the wristband, can let people try some interesting color combinations.

even the packaging is also quite delicate and beautiful, no wonder people want to have a box for weeding impulse.
Don't look at the ARK Collective
price per only about one thousand yuan, parts and small details but is not ambiguous, whether you wear or give a decent.

see this hole, photographers will say "it is a lens aperture". But I want to tell you, this is actually a wrench! It consists of industrial design students to create Jordan Steranka, because of the use of the principle of the movement of the camera aperture, with a nut wrench can meet different diameters, like the camera aperture, so also affectionately referred to as the "aperture" wrench. As long as the rotating tool at the top of the red dial can adjust the size, and then click the red button lock can adapt to all kinds of nuts.

physical disability people out there in a wheelchair, but small home wheelchair is a bit very inconvenient. Built by Milan designer ILY-I is a pretty smart mobile chair black sense of science and technology, the appearance looks like ordinary home chair, have no sense of violation, which allows the user to hide their inconvenient low-key. The chair is equipped with high-tech sensors and controllers, mobile completely rely on the hidden in the bottom of the wheel, but also can be rotated. The sensor can detect obstacles ahead, and issued a reminder to the user. Of course, if you just because of lazy cancer attack does not want to move, you can also use it.

ward always give a cold feeling, but with the help of technology can become lively and interesting. Australian non-profit medical institutions owned by Cabrini, a hospital called love designer class, let the children's ward walls "move up". >

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